Opportunities don't happen. You create them.

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Scott is a kind and caring family that works to celebrate the growth of each and every one of our members! We strive to create a supportive community that is dedicated to your success and values togetherness. Go with Scott to grow with Scott!

Family Events of the Semester

February 8th: Resume Repair Shop 4-6pm

February 11th: Scottie Studies 6-8pm

February 18th: Scottie Studies 6-8pm

March 4th: Scottie Studies 6-8pm

March 11th: Scottie Studies 6-8pm

March 25: 1st Family Social 6-8pm

April 1st: Scottie Studies 6-8pm

April 8th: Scottie Studies 6-8pm

April 15th: 2nd Family Social

April 29th: Scottie Studies 6-8pm

Professional Development 

We provide resume touch-ups and mock interviews in order to help our members grow professionally.

Crawfish Social

Join us for our joint, free Crawfish Social, where anyone can come in and eat all the crawfish they want! Let's dig in!

IM Sports

Either participate with ABSA in their basketball, flag football, or dodgeball teams, or cheer for your friends in the stands! Whichever option you choose, give it your all!


Scott is planning on having various joint socials with other families, including our bowling and D&B socials! Bond with fellow members and have fun!

Shania Tran

Head of House

Classification: Junior

Major: Computer Science 

ABSA Involvement: Member (SP'19), Media Director (FA'19), VP Marketing (SP'20), President (FA'20), Head of Household (SP'21), Mentor (SP'21)

Internships: Incoming Summer Business Leadership Intern at GEICO

Fun Fact: I grew up in Las Vegas, Nevada!

Dylan Tran

Head of House

Classification: Sophomore

Major: Management Information Systems 

ABSA Involvement: Member (FA'19), Operations Director (SP'20), VP Operations (FA'20), Mentor (SP'21)

Fun Fact: I've had grey hair since I was born!


Jose Leyva


Classification: Senior


Major: Public Health


ABSA Involvement: Member (FA'19), Community Service Director (SP'20), Mentor (SP'20), Head of Household (FA'20), Mentor (SP'21)

Internships: Harris County Policy Division Internship, HISD Nutrition Services Internship, UT Public Health Internship

Fun Fact: I drive with two feet :P

Sean Ngo


Classification: Sophomore


Major: Accounting 


ABSA Involvement: Member (FA'19), Corporate Relations Director (SP'20), Mentor (SP'21)

Internships: Accounting Intern at Sysco (SU'21)


Fun Fact: I lived in Australia for 3 years!


Mario Martinez


Classification: Sophomore


Major: Mechanical Engineering


ABSA Involvement: Member (SP'20), Mentor (SP'21)

Fun Fact: I eat bananas with the peel!


Kaitlynn Nguyen


Classification: Junior


Major: Human resource Development

ABSA Involvement: Member (SP'20), Media Director (FA'20), VP Marketing (SP'21), Mentor (SP'21)

Internships: Amazon Sr. HR Assistant Intern

Fun Fact: I've never had braces!

Christina Le


Classification: Junior

Major: Psychology & Nursing

ABSA Involvement: Member (FA'20), Mentor (SP'21)

Fun Fact: Love travelling & heights, but fear of the dark!


Amy Luong


Classification: Junior


Major: Graphic Design


ABSA Involvement: Member (FA'20), Mentor (SP'21)

Fun Fact: I've had 7 piercings....but now I have 6! (-:

Fun Fact