Keep Elgin Weird

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If you take all different kinds of personalities and blend them together, you get Elgin. After winning family field day 7 out of the last 8 semesters, our competitive spirit is what pushes us to do better. We are a tight knit family that loves our diversity and promotes everyone to express their individuality. GO ELGIN!

Professional Development 

We help our members grow professionally by conducting mock interviews, where they can practice and learn how to speak to employers.


With this semester being virtual we want to ensure that our members can still grow and bond together! We have events planned such as arts and crafts, game night, and more!

IM Sports

Get your heart racing with the Elgin volley ball team! Help us spike to victory or cheer for your fellow members from the stands.

Mai Dang

Head of House

Classification: Junior


Major: Management Information Systems (MIS) & Finance

ABSA Involvement: Member (FA'18), Mentor (FA'20), Head of Household (SP'21), Mentor (SP'21)


Internships: Protiviti: Technology Consultant (SU'21), RSM: Technology Risk Consultant (FA'21)

Fun fact: I can fall asleep anywhere; one time I slept during band class in high school!

Andre Roesmaladi


Classification: Senior


Major: Real Estate Finance 


ABSA Involvement: Member (SP'19), Mentor (SP'21)

Internships: JPMorgan Chase: Financial Analyst (SU'21)

Fun Fact: I have a phrase to say anytime I want to win water pong!

Anthony Lucarelli


Classification: Senior


Major: Supply Chain Management


ABSA Involvement: Member (FA'19), Mentor (SP'21)

Internships: Abacus A/C, Plumbing, Electrical (SP'20)


Fun Fact: I've been playing ultimate frisbee since freshman year of high school!

Josh Erb


Classification: Sophomore


Major: Management Information Systems (MIS) & Finance


ABSA Involvement: Member (FA'19), Corp Director (SP'20), Mentor (SP'21)

Fun Fact: I used to be bald!

Cindy Tran


Classification: Senior


Major: MIS

ABSA Involvement: Member (SP'18), Internal Fundraising Director (SP'19), Mentor (SP'21)

Fun Fact: I love spicy spicy food!

John Daniel Salcedo


Classification: Alumni


Major: Computer Science

ABSA Involvement: Member (FA'17), Mentor (SP'19 & SP'21), Family Director (FA'19), VP Member Relations (SP'20)

Internships: Micro Focus: Software Engineer (FA'19), JPMorgan Chase: Software Engineer (SU'20), RSM: Technology Risk Consultant (FA'20)

Fun Fact: I won ABSA's family field day, watermelon eating contest like 4x in a row!

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