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What makes our families so SPECIAL?


Through our mentor programs, we can make sure each and every one of our members get the proper guidance they need to navigate the professional world.

Professional and Personal Growth

Whether it's a Karaoke Social or Mock Interviews, our families have got it covered. Members are able to develop close relationship with their peers to expand their networks and flourish in college.

Friendly Competition

With events like our semiannual Family Field Day, all 4 families compete with each other in friendly competition to motivate all members to do their best.

Join a Family!

Applications will be opening soon be sure to check back after the family mixer!

Meet the Families

ABSA has a total of 4 families, each with their own distinct personality. Despite the differences, every family has the single goal to help their members flourish however they can.


A family that loves to eat and bond.


We are the next step.


Keep Elgin Weird


Opportunities don't happen. You create them.


for information about family switching.

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