A family that loves to eat and bond.

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Calhoun is a place where everyone bonds together and supports one another. Everyone here has their own personality that allows them to have their own unique experience. Despite the different personalities, we all get along together and we never leave anyone out. At the end of the day, we just want everyone to have a fun time and enjoy every moment they share with us.

Professional Development 

We help our members grow professionally through events like our Resume Roasts, Professional Dress Shopping, and Mock Interviews.

Austin Trip

Join us on our semiannual trip as we road trip to Austin and tour the city together!  We'll eat, shop, and explore the city together!

IM Sports

Join ABSA and participate in our different sports teams, such as our dodgeball and basketball teams, or cheer for your fellow members from the stands! 


We host various events for bonding with fellow members! Such as our Rodeo Social, Karaoke Night, and our Movie and Spa Night!

Danh Nguyen

Head of House

Classification: Senior

Major: Management Information Systems (MIS)

ABSA Involvement: (SP'19) Corporate Director, (SP'20) Calhoun Mentor

Internship: KPMG Technology Assurance Intern (SU'20)

Fun Fact: I once slept for 16 Hours :)

Vincent Dang


Classification: Senior

Major: Psychology

ABSA Involvement: Active Member since (SP'19), Mentor (FA'20)

Internship: Research Assistant at UT Health Psychiatry

Fun Fact: I have 4000+ followers on TikTok and I once dropped a sword on my foot :)

Grace To


Classification: Junior

Major: Management Information Systems

ABSA Involvement: Active Member (FA'18-SP'19), Communications Director (FA'19), Mentor (SP'20-FA'20)

Fun Fact: I de-stress by playing K-drama OSTS on the violin.

Molly Taing


Classification: Junior

Major: Supply Chain Management

ABSA Involvement: Assistant Mentor (SP'20)

Fun Fact: I left my car running with the keys in it and went to go eat. I came back and the car was still there....

Hanz Erin Enojo


Classification: Senior

Major: Finance

ABSA Involvement: Community Service Director (SP'19), Mentor (FA'19-FA'20)


Fun Fact: I like to eat my own weight in Ice Cream.

Johnathon Nguyen


Classification: Junior

Major: Accounting

ABSA Involvement: Active Member

Fun Fact: Sad music makes me happy!

Patrick Yee


Classification: Masters Student

Major: Accounting

ABSA Involvement: Corporate Relations Director (SP'18), Mentor (FA'18 & SP'20)

Internship: Audit at RSM US LLP (SP'20)

Fun Fact: I won a $2,000 scholarship playing the video game Overwatch!

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