A family that loves to eat and bond.

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Calhoun is a welcoming, diverse, and loving place where everyone can be themselves. It’s a place where you meet life-long friends and create long lasting memories. Whatever path you take, Calhoun will always help light the way.


Family Events of the Semester

February 9th: Resume Roast 11am-5pm

February 10th: Resume Roast 11am-5pm

February 11th: Resume Roast 11am-5pm

February 12th: Movie Night 9pm

March 7th: Escape with Calhoun 6pm-8pm

Professional Development 

We help our members grow professionally through events like our Resume Roasts, Professional Dress Shopping, and Mock Interviews.

Austin Trip

Join us on our semiannual trip as we road trip to Austin and tour the city together!  We'll eat, shop, and explore the city together!

IM Sports

Join ABSA and participate in our different sports teams, such as our dodgeball and basketball teams, or cheer for your fellow members from the stands! 


We host various events for bonding with fellow members! Such as our Rodeo Social, Karaoke Night, and our Movie and Spa Night!

Jonathon Nguyen

Head of House

Classification: Junior

Major: Accounting 

ABSA Involvement: Mentor (FA'20), Mentor (SP'21)

Fun Fact: I've never been out of the country!

Moyleang Taing (Molly)

Head of House

Classification: Junior

Major: SCM

ABSA Involvement: MA (SP'20), Mentor (FA'20), Mentor (SP'21)

Fun Fact: I received 5 internship offers last semester!


Justin Villasenor


Classification: Junior


Major: Accounting


ABSA Involvement: MA (FA'19), Corp Director (FA'20), Mentor (SP'21)

Fun Fact: One time I drank half a bottle of nail polish remover and my mom had to call poison control!


Vivian Tran


Classification: Junior


Major: Public Health

ABSA Involvement: MA (FA'20), Mentor (SP'21)

Fun Fact: My sleep schedule has been messed up, since COVID started!


Ben Chau


Classification: Junior


Major: MIS

ABSA Involvement: Webmaster (FA'20), Mentor (SP'21)

Fun Fact: I can play 3 instruments!


Crystelle Manda


Classification: Junior


Major: MIS

ABSA Involvement: Administrative Director (FA'20), Mentor (SP'21)

Fun Fact: I lived in the Philippines for 18 years!


Chris Le


Classification: Junior


Major: Marketing

ABSA Involvement: Corporate Director (FA'20), Mentor (SP'21)

Fun Fact: I would die for my pug, Simba!


Khanh Tran (KT)


Classification: Senior-ish


Major: MIS & Entrepreneurship

ABSA Involvement: MA (FA'19), Mentor (SP'21)

Fun Fact: I've gotten into 2 life threating auto accidents this year and none of it was my fault. The doctor said I cheated death!