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Cullen is a place that fosters lifelong friendships and success! Cullen is a welcoming and genuine family that nurtures ties that go beyond club activities. Cullen members create a bond like no other. They will be your home away from home! As a family, they strive to push each other to be the best versions of themselves. Enrich your university experience with Cullen!

Professional Development 

We help our members grow their soft skills by hosting mock interviews so they're ready for real world job interviews.

Hip Hop Social

Join us in a joint social where we take our members to a class of beginner's Hip hop! Unleash your creative side while working out! 

IM Sports

Either participate with ABSA in their basketball, flag football, or dodgeball teams, or cheer for your friends in the stands! Whichever option you choose, give it your all!


Bond with fellow members with the various socials we will be hosting over the semester, including the BBQ, Crawfish boil, and Soundbox Dancing!

Aaron Tran

Head of House

Classification: Senior

Major: Psychology

ABSA Involvement: Media Director (SP'19), Vice President of Marketing (FA'19), Mentor (SP'20), Head of Household (FA'20)

Internship: Real Estate Intern at Yun Global LLC (SU'20)

Fun Fact: I became addicted to k-dramas during quarantine.

Kareen Nguyen


Classification: Junior

Major: Management Information Systems and Supply Chain Management

ABSA Involvement: Active Member (FA'19) & Mentor (FA'20)

Internship: Tech Intern at BHP (SU'20) and Cybersecurity Deloitte (SU'21)

Hobbies: Gaming, watching anime, thrifting, baking, and painting

Fun Fact: I stream on Twitch! I love gaming (Mainly PC and Switch).

Bill Zheng


Classification: Junior

Major: Accounting

ABSA Involvement: Mentor (FA'20)

Internships: Next Gen Tax Intern at BKD (SP'21)

Fun Fact: I once slept for 17 hours.

Britney Tang


Classification: Junior

Major: ​Accounting

ABSA Involvement: Mentor (FA'20)

Internship: Administrative Intern at Carr, Riggs, & Ingram (FA'19 and SP'20), Tax Intern at BKD (SP'21)

Fun Facts: I love art, and I’m a sucker for anything stationary related (especially if it’s related to bullet journalling).

Thuy Le


Classification: Junior

Major: Management Information Systems and Supply Chain Management

ABSA Involvement: Mentor (FA'20)

Internship: IT Intern at Tokio Marine HCC (SU'20)

Fun Fact: I picked up crocheting again during quarantine to feel productive as I watched dramas!

Jonathan Lee


Classification: Senior


Major: Management Information Systems


ABSA Involvement: Administrative Director (SP'20), Mentor FA'20

Internships: Technology Consulting Virtual Internship at Deloitte (SU'20)

Fun Fact: I founded my own e-sport organization this past summer!

Peyton Luu


Classification: Senior


Major: Management Information Systems

ABSA Involvement: Corporate Director (SP'20), Vice President of Corporate (FA'19), Mentor (SP'20 & FA'20)


Internships: Dog Handler at US K9 Unlimited, Harris County Sheriff’s Office, Group 1 Automotive (full time)

Fun Fact: I was once chased down and bitten by a police dog.

Oliver Stoklosa


Classification: Senior

Major: Hotel and Restaurant Management and Accelerated Certificate from The Culinary Institute of America


ABSA Involvement: Mentor (FA'20)

Internship: Pizza Antica

Fun Fact: I started off as a cook when I was 14,  started my own business when I was 16, and now work as a Chef De Partie at a high-end restaurant in California during Summer and Winter.

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