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Cullen is known to be a home away from home. There are friends and there are families, and then there are friends that become family. Anything is possible when you have the right people there to support you. You belong with Cullen! We’re always there because we always care.

Professional Development 

We help our members grow their soft skills by hosting mock interviews so they're ready for real world job interviews.

Hip Hop Social

Join us in a joint social where we take our members to a class of beginner's Hip hop! Unleash your creative side while working out! 

IM Sports

Either participate with ABSA in their basketball, flag football, or dodgeball teams, or cheer for your friends in the stands! Whichever option you choose, give it your all!


Bond with fellow members with the various socials we will be hosting over the semester, including the BBQ, Crawfish boil, and Soundbox Dancing!

Ducanh Nguyen.JPG

Ducanh Nguyen

Head of House

Classification: Senior

Major: SCM

ABSA Involvement: Member (FA ’19), Mentor (SP ’21), Head of House (FA ’21)

Internship: UYL color supply (SU ’18), Entergy (SU ’21)

Fun Fact: I used to get mistaken with a girl’s voice over the phone back in highschool.

Lance Nguyen.jpg

Lance Nguyen


Classification: Senior

Major: Environmental Science


Minor: Management Information Systems (MIS)

ABSA Involvement: Mentor (SP ’21 & FA ’21)

Fun Fact: I’m allergic to fish, but sushi is my favorite food teehee.

Tiona Tale.jpg

Tiona Tale


Classification: Junior

Major: ​Marketing

ABSA Involvement: Mentor (FA ‘21)

Internship: Aspire (SP ‘20), RippleMatch (FA ‘21)

Fun Fact: My last name is fake!

Denise Huynh.jpg

Denise Huynh


Classification: Sophomore

Major: ​Pre-Nursing

ABSA Involvement: Member (FA’20-Current), Mentor (FA '21)

Internship: Origin Spine Institute (SP ’21)

Fun Fact: My nickname used to be momo because of ducky momo but everyone thought it was because of twice.

Thang Dam.jpg

Thang Dam 


Classification: Junior

Major: ​Management Information Systems

ABSA Involvement: Member (SP ’20-), Mentor (FA ’21)

Internship: Shell Oil & Gas (SP ‘19), Altivia (SU ‘21)

Fun Fact: When I’m listening to music I rarely ever finish the whole track from start to end.

Freya Lalan.jpg

Freya Lalan 


Classification: Senior

Major: ​Finance & Management Information Systems (MIS)

ABSA Involvement: Ops Director (FA’18), Mentor (FA’19 & SP’20)

Internship: HS Holdings LLC (Intern: SU ‘18, SP ‘21; Full-time Offer: SU ‘21)

Fun Fact: I am allergic to avocados!

Jessica Tran.jpg

Jessica Tran


Classification: Senior

Major: Integrated Communications


Minor: Marketing

ABSA Involvement: Communications Director (SP ’21)

Fun Fact: I snuck out of my house to go to a BTS concert when I was 15.

Madison Wickliffe.jpg

Maddie Wickliffe


Classification: Sophomore

Major: ​Marketing

ABSA Involvement: Member (FA’20-Current), Athletics Director (SP ’21), Mentor (FA ’21)

Fun Fact: I recently started streaming on Twitch!

Nick Nguyen.jpg

Nick Nguyen


Classification: Junior

Major: ​Management Information Systems & Supply Chain Management

ABSA Involvement: Mentor (FA ’21)

Internship: Tokio Marine HCC IT Intern (SU '21)

Fun Fact: I’m a certified minister despite never been to a wedding before.

Victor Vuong.jpg

Victor Vuong 


Classification: Senior

Major: ​Supply Chain Management

ABSA Involvement: Member (FA’19), Mentor (FA’21)

Internship: Sam’s DC logistics and operations intern (SU '21)

Fun Fact: I’ve snapped the ball joint on my truck 3 times while driving.

Anthony Chu.jpg

Anthony Chu


Classification: Senior

Major: ​Accounting

ABSA Involvement: 3rd Most Active Member (SP’19), Mentor (FA’21)

Internship: RSM SP ’22

Fun Fact: My friends and I made a boat out of cardboard for a physics project.