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"With summer slowly approaching us, it's time to get our summer bod~ What's better than an opportunity that can benefit yourself as well as the future generation to enjoy Galveston Bay?"

ABSA/MISSO/HBSA Speaker Series

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What Did We Do?


An engaging speaker series that consists of business professionals providing insight on topics that are generally not taught in college, and are relevant to ALL business majors when transitioning from college to the business field.

Virtual 5K

What Did We Do?

Every member that completes the 5K with proof will donate one dollar to the Galveston Bay Foundation. They are a non-profit dedicated to improving the health of Galveston Bay. So future generations of people can enjoy the beauty of Galveston Bay.


Alumni TedTalk

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What Did We Do?


An amazing opportunity to network and connect with our very own UH ABSA Alumni. Get ready to get inspired by seeing our alumni present their passion, lessons, and stories. 

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