President's Vision

"I am thrilled to be the president of the Asian Business Student Association for the Fall 2022 semester. I joined ABSA two years ago and it has been one of the best decisions I have made in my college experience. From the people I met to the professional development I received, I wouldn't be the person I am today without ABSA. For the upcoming semester, I want to make sure that everyone gets the opportunity to learn, develop, and just have fun! Let's have a great semester, and I look forward to meeting everyone!"


Philip Qin

Junior, MIS

Operations Department

VP of Operations


The Operations Department is proudly known as the "Backbone of ABSA." We arrive early to set up events and stay late to take them down. Not only do we enhance members' ABSA experience through food and drinks, we also keep track of member points that can be earned by going to events! By doing so, we help members achieve "Active Status", which gives them access to leadership and scholarship opportunities. As a department, our goal is to cultivate a welcoming environment where members feel comfortable being themselves. This upcoming semester we plan to work with other departments to ensure all events are ran seemlessly to not only help members grow professionally, but also personally!

Sahil Sheik

Sophomore, MIS


Aivy Ho

Administrative Director

Sophomore, Marketing


Andy Nguyen

Operations Director

Junior, MIS


Andy Huynh

Operations Director

Sophomore, SCM

Finance Department

VP of Finance


In the Finance Department, we raise money to support and sustain ABSA. As a team, we often work behind the scenes obtaining funds to ensure quality events for the members in our organization. This is made possible through the collection of membership dues and acquisition of food sponsors. Through our food sponsors, we are able to limit our expenses and allocate money to other departments of the organization. We also interact with our members through our bake sales and fundraising events, such as ice skating at the Galleria and the Date Auction. Ultimately, we hope to generate revenues to help finance innovative ideas, creating exceptional experiences for our members.

Brian Ariyo

Junior, Accounting & Finance


Prachi Brahmbhatt


Junior, MIS


Boris Mejia

Internal Fundraising Director

Junior, Management


Anusha Kakulavar

External Fundraising Director

Sophomore, Marketing

Corporate Relations Department

VP of Corporate Relations


Nicolas O'Brien

As the Corporate Department of ABSA, we strive to aid the growth of our members’ professional persona. In order to do this, as a team, we create and host professional meetings and workshops in the different aspects of professional development. Not only do we work on events, but we are in a constant search in securing sponsors for ABSA, whether they be previous, current, or new companies or organizations. With their generous help, our organization continues to provide our members with what they need. We hope to leave a lasting impression in our members and sponsors that they can find professional growth within ABSA.

Junior, SCM


Yousef Alkhaldi

Corporate Director

Junior, MIS


Joshua Abraham

Corporate Director

Sophomore, MIS


Caitlin Nguyen

Corporate Director

Sophomore, SCM & Marketing

Public Relations Department

VP of Public Relations


Steven Nguyen

In the Public Relations Department, we want to continue growing ABSA and recruit as many members as we can. Not only do we want to bring in members, we also want to enhance their experience and ensure they are using ABSA as a resource for professional success! As a department, we want to creatively develop new projects that can be utilized as a stepping stone to allow ABSA to flourish. This upcoming semester we plan to improve upon our Alumni Relations and Community Service projects,  which we believe will be immensely beneficial to the future progress of ABSA. Overall, we hope to utilize our creativity to continue expansion of our organization!

Sophomore, MIS


Grace Ji

Community Service


Junior, Communications


Britney Thai


Junior, Marketing


Ethan Teoh

Alumni Relations


Sophomore, SCM

Member Relations Department

VP of Member Relations


Hannah Le

For the Member Relations Department, our goal is to work within the organization to make stronger connections for our members. Whether that be between families, OD and mentors, or even between members overall, we strive to bring together all of ABSA as one big family. By making these stronger bonds between members, it creates avenues of long lasting friendship, and promotes an overall greater experience in ABSA. With this, we aim to have more socials, stronger relationships between OD and members, and usage of social media to promote ABSA sports. Our goal for this semester is to have MR to be the department that builds strong bonds with members.

Sophomore, MIS


Jessica Nguyen

Social Director

Sophomore, Education


Son Truong

Family Director

Junior, Accounting


Christina Duong

Athletics Director

Sophomore, SCM

Marketing Department

VP of Marketing


Courtney Chung

When it comes to the success of the Asian Business Student Association, the Marketing Department plays a huge role in making sure that our brand is well known to the public. Projects involve maintenance of the website to ensure that any information about ABSA is available for our members, social media branding, creating video advertisements and recaps, and communicating all of our events to our members through our newsletter and other social media platforms. Our department also likes to give back by hosting giveaways and offering spotlights to our active members. We are here to make sure ABSA is represented in the best light possible. 

Junior, MIS


Sydney Dang

Media Director

Sophomore, Nutrition


Alexys Nguyen



Sophomore, Marketing


Tyler Sun


Sophomore, MIS