Frequently Asked Questions


How do I join?

Under the “Members Portal” tab on our website, press the “How to be a Member” option and fill out the form in the link. Also make sure to pay your dues through our store! If you wish to pay in person please contact our VP Finance at vpfinance@uhabsa.org.


 Do you have to be a business student to join?

No, although ABSA is affiliated with C.T. Bauer, we are open to all majors.

Some of our past and current OD members were non-business major as well!


Do you have to be Asian to join?

No, ABSA is open to all nationalities. We encourage and welcome everyone who is interested in participating in an organization that offers professional development, peer networking, and public service.


What do the 3 P’s represent?

Professional Development: We help you integrate into the professional world by hosting workshops, professional events, and giving you the opportunity to interact with business professionals.

Public Service: Participate in community service events and give back to the community we serve, as well as become part of the officer, director, and mentor team to help guide other students through their journey.

Peer Networking: Our social events and family system offer you the opportunity to develop and maintain relationships that last to help enrich your life.